Top 10 Rules Of Pickleball Scoring – How To Score In Pickleball

rules of pickleball scoring

There are some basic techniques and rules of Pickleball scoring, which is a new game that is gaining popularity. Pickleball, due to its scoring rules, could at first appear to be a bit of a challenge for beginners to understand. However, once you get the hang of it, there is nothing more rewarding than challenging yourself. To begin with it, you need to know the basics of the game. In this blog, you’ll learn all the scoring rules you need to know as a beginner.

There’s no need to worry if you are confused about what are the rules of pickleball scoring and how to score pickleball. There are quite a few of them. Scoring rules are different for singles and doubles in pickleball. The easiest way to keep track of the score is to follow a few basic rules of Pickleball scoring. For example, announcing the number of points each player has before every serve will make keeping the score much easier.

The rules of Pickleball scoring are similar to many other racket sports that involve hitting the like a wiffle ball with the ball back and forth with a net with paddles. It resembles table tennis and badminton.

Basic Pickleball Rules And Scoring

Pickleball Scoring Rules

  1.  Scoring in Pickleball is sequential, and it’s like (1,2,3,4)
  2. Scoring for pickleball goes up to 11 points or sometimes 15 to 21 points in total.
  3. The winning team must score at least 2 points more than the receiving team. For example, if it’s (an 8-8) score, you must score two more points to win the game.
  4. How to score in Pickleball? Only the serving team scores by playing the game, the other team scores by the goals, and the only team which wins the Rally can score the points.
  5. In the double pickle ball, each team gets a chance to serve twice as one player per serve. This is called the ‘first server exception’ rule.
  6. The serving side makes a score when the receiving side cannot return the ball and makes a mistake.
  7. The serving ball in the court must be hit diagonally. It cannot touch any of the lines in the field. I must land between the center line, sideline, and non-valley sideline.

Pickleball Scoring Rules Explained

There are two teams opposed to each other one is the serving team, and the other is receiving team. Only the serving team can make score points by the rules of Pickleball scoring.

The basic strategy in scoring pickleball is like three numbers (0-1-2). In this scheme, the first number represents the serving team, the second number shows the receiving team, and the third number shows the serves.

rules of pickleball scoring

For instance, if the score is (8-7-9) it means that the serving team has scored 8 points, the receiving team scored 7 points, and the total number of serves is 9. That is the basic scoring strategy now.

rules of pickleball scoring

Coming to the next point in scoring for pickleball, what are some of the basic types of pickleball? The one type is single pickleball which is represented by two numbers like (1-0). The first number shows the serving team’s score, and the second number shows the receiving team, and there is no number of serves because it has only a single serve per team. 

rules of pickleball scoring

The other type is doubles play pickleball. Double pickleball is made up of three pickleball score numbers, as discussed previously (1-2-9). To score a point against the opposing team, you must win a rally. To win the game as the serving team, you must score first. The opposing team should be at zero scores.

For instance, if you score 2 points out of 11 total points, you must score the winning score first to win the game against other teams. The number of fowls is the other team’s score which means without a fowl, you have to score first to win the game. 

Calling Score – How To Keep Score In Pickleball

There are some basic rules of pickleball score, which the players often overlook. Some of the scoring rules are below:

  • When the serving team starts the game, they must announce the score of starting before hitting the ball.
  • Not announcing the score can cause conflict, and it is against the rules and regulations not to announce the score before the game starts.
  • Keep in mind that each time you serve, you must shout out the score loudly to be clear.
  • If the referee calls out the wrong score, you can stop between the serving and ask to correct the score.
  • To be sure about the score, ask the help of your partner in the game to keep track of the score accurately in order to avoid any mistakes.

What is Rally Scoring?

It’s a traditional scoring method in the pickleball rules and scoring, in which points are only given to the serving team, and whoever wins the Rally gets the points.

Pickleball Essentials

Every time you play a match, you must keep two pickleball paddles, three pickle balls, and one court bag with you at all times.

Rules Of Scoring In Pickleball In a Nutshell

As a sport of racquets, by the rules of Pickleball scoring, it can either be played singles or doubles, and it is played to 11 points with only the team that is serving to be able to score at the same time. Whenever a team scores a goal, the serve is switched to the other team so that the game can continue.

The loss of a serve or a point is the result of a fault, and the first serve of the game is determined by a coin toss or by some other process. When the score is tied at 10-10, play continues until one team takes a two-point lead over the other, according to the rules of Pickleball scoring.

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