10 Best Pickleball Court Builders For Court Construction

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Are you looking to build a pickleball court at your home or sports club? Look no further than these top 10 pickleball court builders. These companies specialize in constructing high-quality pickleball courts that are sure to impress pickleball players of all skill levels.

You can build a Pickleball court at home on your own, but if you want things to go professional, then don’t settle for an ordinary pickleball court – choose one of these top 10 pickleball court builders near me in the US and enjoy a court that’s built to last.

Top 10 Pickleball Court Contractors

Each of these pickleball court installers has a proven track record of providing top-quality pickleball court construction services. Whether you need a new court built from scratch or your existing court needs repair or resurfacing, these pickleball court contractors near me can help.

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They are your local certified Pickleball court builders, and they work with you to create a customized pickleball court that suits your personal preference, including if it is modern, eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, or traditional, based on your particular preferences.

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 It is their goal to guide you through the entire process, from design to pickleball court installation near me.

A modular flooring system is constructed by the company and is installed in a fraction of the time with little to no construction, and provides backyard court installation or complete renovation of a facility in just a few days.

Sport Court’s new color technology, combined with its patented UV protection, allows them to offer the most vibrant, fade-resistant colors available. On top of that, they also come with a warranty.

The Sport Courts Company ensures that all of its Sport Court materials are carefully engineered and tested in order to ensure that both youth and adults can play, train, and participate safely on the surfaces they build.

It is common for pickleball players to slip on a pickleball court, which results in scratches and abrasions. All Sport Court tiles come with specially designed surfaces that lower the risk of scratches and abrasions occurring on the tile surface without sacrificing traction.


As one of the best Pickleball court contractors in the US, Mor-Sports builds not only facilities that are second to none but also client relationships that will last a lifetime.

Their Pickleball Courts are designed with the client’s needs in mind, so they are able to guarantee that their clients are able to enjoy the sport comfortably.

Mor-Sports has been building Pickleball Courts and doing pickleball court surfacing for organizations and communities across the nation, following their proven quality construction methods.

They build Pickleball courts to the exact specifications of the client using only the highest quality materials, products, and people. They can do grading, sub-base construction, asphalt works, surfacing, play lines, and final handover of the court with their full range of construction services.

In addition, they provide their customers with a handover pack which consists of a construction diary, pictures, a list of the materials used in the construction, as well as the offer of long-term maintenance services if required.


The Novaplay surfacing system is designed specifically for the sport of Pickleball, providing unmatched performance, durability, and color retention while offering features that have been specifically designed to make it a success. 

There is none like Nova pickleball court builders for players as it provides them with a low-abrasive texture that reduces wear on shoes, balls, and, more importantly, your own body by reducing abrasion. 

Pickleball courts made by them don’t just look good, they’re durable too, and they’re abrasion-proof as well, thanks to their brilliant UV-resistant pigments, high-solid acrylic blends, and over thirty years of proven quality performance to their customers tell the story.

NOVAPLAY Pickleball courts have been designed and developed to produce high-performance, heavy-duty, color-coated surfaces that are perfect for surfaces that are subjected to a greater amount of wear and tear than typical pickleball courts.


In order to increase the longevity of your court, Parkin Courts are capable of providing you with a fresh, new surface, which will not only improve the comfort and safety of your court but will also increase the longevity it will have for quite some time to come.

In addition, the restoration and repair services they provide for pickleball court resurfacing substantially reduce the amount of maintenance your court will need after it is constructed because of the services they provide.

Those of you who already have a Pickleball court can utilize ParkinTennis’s full range of pickleball court resurfacing, restoration, and crack repair services as part of the resurfacing of your court.

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Their experienced team of engineers designs and builds pickleball court surface options on even the smallest parcels of land using the same materials and workmanship they use in the construction of their tennis and basketball courts.

There is also a wide selection of Pickleball accessories that they offer, including perimeter fencing, lighting, as well as custom colors and graphics for your Pickleball court if you want to complete the experience.


It is an important investment to build a pickleball court surface, so it is extremely important that you work with a builder like LocalTennisCourtSurfacing, which is committed to providing excellent customer service. 

The best pickleball court builders you can find are those that are responsive, communicative, and willing to work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the finish of the product, and local tennis court surfacing provides you with all these qualities as part of their service to you.

You will get a quote from a company that listens to your needs, assesses them, and then puts together a quote based on your needs. There is a lot of priority given by them to safety, low maintenance, along with an easy-to-maintain surface that will endure for a long time and won’t slip.


The company has a team of licensed and certified pickleball court contractors who are able to provide you with the best options for pickleball court surfaces when it comes to customizing a pickleball court resurfacing for your needs.

Depending on the situation, they can either add a pickleball construction court to an existing tennis court or convert the court so that it is exclusively used for pickleball play.

You can count on them to resurface your pickleball court with world-class products for pickleball court surface material and recycled materials to return it to its original condition as soon as possible. 

They are eco-friendly pickleball court builders that care about helping the environment, and if you are seeking information on how they can help, you can contact them to get a quote.


It is not only that VersaCourt provides standard court sizes and pickleball game lines, but they also offer a variety of customizations for your game court system, which is why VersaCourt is considered one of the best pickleball court builders.

You can explore a wide range of design options with a court specialist, and they being one of the best pickleball court construction companies, can help you develop the perfect design option that will meet all the aesthetic and functional requirements of your court.

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Versacourt offers a vast range of options and accessories to help you create a complete athletic facility in your backyard or space. With a wide range of line options for pickleball courts as well, these pickleball court painting contractors can build the ultimate athletic facility for your home.


Whether your existing Pickleball court has been damaged over time, or if you would like to update your Pickleball court, Armor Courts are prepared to provide you with Pickleball Court Resurfacing services.

With their years of experience working with pickleball courts, they are able to quickly fill any cracks, level any bumps, and remove any dents or dents that may have developed over the years on your pickleball courts.

They are a team of expert court builders with over 15 years of combined experience, and they are committed to tailoring their services to meet each client’s individual needs.


As one of the most top-of-the-line pickleball court builders, they offer a 5-year no-fade print warranty on printed pickleball fence screens, produce pickleball divider nets that can be moved in any dimension, and they have a variety of pickleball court grades that you have the option to pick from.

Furthermore, they are able to provide you with pickleball safety padding for fences, walls, posts, and rails of any dimensions.

Thousands of pickleball courts have been created with the help of All Court Fabrics’ athletic products.


It has been over 25 years since SportMaster has been supplying pickleball court builders and sports surface professionals with premium quality products in order to help make their projects a success.

There are many different types of paint available to suit a variety of surfaces for Pickleball courts, including indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, at SportMaster.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a wide range of standard colors, and the coatings are made from fine silica sand and factory-mixed to provide a safe, textured playing surface. 

Their mission is to bring cutting-edge technology to sports surfaces so that they can offer pickleball court builders for resurfacing as part of their mission.

Conclusion: Pickleball Court Construction Companies

The list above highlights some of the top pickleball court builders near me in the US who can help you create the court of your dreams. In conclusion, when it comes to building a pickleball court, it’s important to choose a builder who has the experience, uses quality materials, offers customization options, and provides excellent customer service.

By doing so, you can ensure that your pickleball surfaces meet your specific needs and will provide years of enjoyment.

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